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Written by Chelsea Glaser
on May 16, 2019

Showing your property to prospective tenants is an important step in the vacancy filling process. If you don’t know what to expect, it can become a really daunting and time-consuming process. It requires preparation, communication skills, time management, and sometimes it even requires research.

Whether you’re an agent or a property manager, here are some best practices for proper apartment showing etiquette to consider before you begin touring prospective tenants through your property:

    1. Tidy up. It’s really important to make sure a property looks its best—and it’s a surprisingly easy  task! There are a lot of small things you can do to help make the property more appealing to prospective tenants. Logan Tice, a professional real estate broker, told Showdigs advised us, “make sure the home shows as well as it can. Clean the windows, make sure the carpets are clean. Simple things. It’s often the really small things that can make a property show its best.”  If you have current tenants there, it could be helpful to provide some clear and fair guidelines for them to follow to help them prepare the apartment to be shown.
    2. Know the property. Take some time to think about or research questions that tenants may ask you while they’re on the tour, and be prepared with answers! If you encounter answer you don’t know, be sure to write it down in the moment, and follow up later with a more concrete answer.
    3. Know the neighborhood. What’s nearby? Were to the residents of this neighborhood gather? Research the ins and outs of the neighborhood so you can advise prospective  tenants on things like where the nearest grocery store is, if there are parks or trails in walking distance, where the closest schools are, etc. You can also explore information from your city’s planning department to discover the zoning in that neighborhood and familiarize yourself with any upcoming or pending rezones or construction projects going on. As Logan Tice advises, “first and foremost, know what you’re showing. Look up the details, anticipate which questions the prospect might ask you. Be knowledgeable about the area the property is in, and be prepared to answer questions about it.”
    4. Secure any pets. We all love our pets and want to show them off, however property showings are not the time or place. It can be really distracting, and for some, off-putting or even intimidating, to have a pet in the house while they’re trying to get a sense of  whether or not this could be their new home. If the property is pet-friendly, simply mention that, while keeping pets currently living there off either premises or closed off in a separate space where they will be safe and not causing distractions.
    5. Be honest and polite. As much as we’d like to be able to tell the prospective tenants what they want to hear, it can be tough to know exactly what they’re even looking for. Rather than trying to guess what they might be hoping to hear, it’s always best to just be honest and up front. Furthermore, it’s important to be polite and make them feel  comfortable while they’re touring the home. Using a professional and kind tone of voice is always a good way to go!

If you’re finding that property showings take up too much time between responding to inquiries, coordinating schedules and logistics, and driving  to the property location-- contact us at Showdigs. We’re here to help take the headache out of showings, so that you can fill your vacancies faster and reclaim your time.


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