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The Grass is Always Greener: How to Get Your Tenants to Take Care of Your Yard

Posted by Chelsea Glaser on Mar 21, 2019 11:32:00 AM

A green, manicured yard can be a huge draw in for tenants. It'll evoke daydreams of summer barbecues and frolicking puppies, of sitting in the garden with a good book, or picnicking with the kids on the lawn. The benefits of having a nice yard are easy to see, however it's important to set the expectation for prospective tenants that a yard is also a responsibility that requires maintenance.

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Managing the Move Out Mess

Posted by Chelsea Glaser on Mar 16, 2019 6:09:33 PM
When you're on the way to your rental property for a final move out inspection, you're crossing your fingers that you're going to find a squeaky clean, move-in ready space. Maybe, just maybe, the carpets have been shampooed, the cupboards are crumb-free, the drains are hairball-free, and baseboards have been dusted.
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Escaping the Grind: 3 Ways to Maximize Passive Income for Your Rental Property

Posted by Chelsea Glaser on Mar 10, 2019 1:23:22 PM

An increasing number of people are starting to jump on board with the idea of finding some passive income streams in addition to their 9-5 jobs. Passive income refers to work you continue to get paid for after you’re done—whether you purchased a franchise you have managers run or you have a rental property, minimal day to day work is required to generate income. Having additional revenue streams can open so many doors and give you more freedom in life. Whether you use the extra funds for travel, retirement savings, paying off your student loans, or you continue to build your investment portfolio—passive income helps you escape the constant grind of getting financially ahead. Sounds like a pretty nice deal—do the up front work, and then make money while you sleep. However, this only works when you plan ahead to minimize your time commitment while maximizing your profit. 

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